Joining a new RPG can be a little tricky if you don't know where to start. This guide is to help you get into the swing of things!

Step One: Required Reading

Before you can jump into the roleplay, there are a few things that you must read to begin.

Please note that the general race page is required- but you only need to read the page for whichever race you would like to play as. If you are interested in joining a crime family, read the Families page. If not, please check out the Groups page.

Not Required, but Helpful

Step Two: Create an Account

After you have read over the required material, it's time to create your account .  Please sign up first with an OOC account, which can be called whatever you would like. Then register your first character account with first and last name in proper caps.

Step Three: Creating your Character

Your account's profile is your application here at Boss of Bosses. In order to create your character, all you need to do is fill out your profile , accessible from the User CP . There are no minimum requirements for any fields, and any optional fields will be marked as such. You are welcome to make these profiles as detailed or as loose as you would like. Once you have completed that, post a thread in this forum . Be sure to include the Family or group you will be joining as well as your rank, and be certain to tag admin Jobar in the post. (To tag someone, place their name inside @[], example: @[Jobar].)

When your character is accepted, you will be tagged in a post with further instructions on how to post your claims and what to do next.


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